Monday, 20 November 2017

What is Talent Mapping and How Useful Can it be?

Competency mapping or talent mapping is of the biggest tools for recruiting agencies like us. Mapping is a method which is used to augment investments in human capital by matching the identified skills or competencies with an employee’s current skills and knowledge.

In simple terms it is a tool that with the help of which one can ‘map’ or identify a targeted position in a certain company. Such industrial maps can turn out to be very handy and useful for budding business firms who would want to make the most out of their recruitment campaign. Mapping on the other hand can be useful in succession planning which still stands to one of the major headaches for various firms. One can seek for such mapping services for, they work the best in identifying the right employee required for a particular skill.

The process which we can help you in the mapping encompasses, business vision mission statement, process frameworks, HR Planning, Talent Acquisition, Succession Planning, Performance Management and others. 

An Industrial Mapping can help your firm in the following ways:
  • Map required candidate skills.
  • Objectively evaluate a candidate’s potential
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Correctly manage human capital
However mapping is not as easier as it seems, you need to have good reliable sourcing methods which are usually based on good networking and communications. As  a recruiting agency Adler Talent Solutions have all the various communications and sourcing methods to draw in the maps that you want. So if you want any further assistance in any case, feel free to contact us

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